SSO patents and disclosures database

This page links to a database containing information from the combined IPR disclosure statements made at several major Standard Setting Organizations.

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a) disclosures.tsv (tab delimited values) - disclosures.xls (excel format)

ID (int)
Disclosure unique identifier. Single files have been aggregated at the sso-company-date level, i.e. a disclosure is defined as a notice to a given standard setting organization (SSO), on a given date, by a single firm, that it may own one or more pieces of intellectual property relevant to a particular standard setting effort.

SSO (string 4)
Standard setting organization receiving the focal disclosure. The SSOs in the dataset are: the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Standards (ATIS), European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE), Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), International Organization for Standards International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO), International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).

YEAR (int)
disclosure year. Ranges from 1971-2008 (varies by SSO).

D_DATE (string)
Disclosure date. This is provided on a “best effort” basis. Each SSO as different ways of codifying the disclosure date and in many cases we were not able to recover dates from the original files.

COMPANY (string 65)
company name. The field has been standardized across SSO.

COUNTRY (string 2)
ISO code for country of focal company. Companies may disclose through different subsidiaries and therefore receive different country codes across disclosures.

LICENSE (string 9)
type of licensing offered, can be either FREE (royalty free), RAND (reasonable and non-discriminatory terms), SPECIFIC (other specific terms, e.g. exact royalty fee), NOLICENSE (no license is explicitly offered), missing (licensing terms were not available).

IPR (byte)
dummy equal to 1 if disclosure cites specific IPR documents (e.g. Patent or patent application).

b) disclosures2patents.tsv (tab delimited values) - disclosures2patents.xls (excel format)
ID (int)
disclosure unique identifier. For every disclosure in disclosures.tsv (with the IPR dummy set to 1) one or more patents may have been matched in the disclosures2patents.tsv.

SSO (string 4)
standard setting organization receiving the focal disclosure.

dummy equal to 1 if the disclosed IPR was successfully matched with the US Patent Office (USPTO) or the European Patent Office (EPO) databases.

DISCLOSED_IPR (string 20)
Original IPR string as found in disclosure documents. Only the ones where M_DISCLOSED_IPR=1 have been matched yet.

OFFICE (string 2)
patent office where the patent or application has been filed (US=United States Patent and Trademark Office; EU=European Patent Office).

PUNR (string 7)
publication number of disclosed patent.

APNR (string 10)
application number of disclosed patent.

APPYR (int)
application year of disclosed patent.

ADDYR (int)
issue year if USPTO patent (i.e. OFFICE=US), publication year if EPO patent (i.e. OFFICE=EU).