Christian Catalini is the Theodore T. Miller Career Development Professor at MIT, and Assistant Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management, MIT Sloan School of Management


Christian's main areas of interest are the economics of entrepreneurship, innovation, and scientific productivity.

His research focuses on crowdfunding and online entrepreneurial finance, blockchain technology, digital currencies, how proximity affects the recombination of ideas, the adoption of technology standards, science and technology interactions.

Christian is one of the principal investigators of the MIT Digital Currencies Research Study, which gave access to all MIT undergraduate students to a digital currency in the Fall of 2014. He is also involved in the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy and the recently launched Digital Currency Initiative.

He holds a PhD from the University of Toronto (Rotman School of Management), and MSc (summa cum laude) in Economics and Management of New Technologies from Bocconi University, Milan. In 2009-10 he was a visiting student at Harvard University.

His work has been featured in Nature, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, WIRED, NPR, Forbes, Bloomberg, the Chicago Tribute, the Boston Globe, and VICE news among others.

He has presented his research at a variety of institutions including Harvard University, MIT, Yale University, London Business School, New York University, UC Berkeley, the Federal Reserve Bank, the US Treasury, the World Bank, and the White House OSTP.

Search Volume for "Crowdfunding" (2006-2013)

Search Volume for "Crowdfunding" (2006-2013)

15.399 Entrepreneurship Lab at MIT Sloan

15.399 Entrepreneurship Lab at MIT Sloan


Entrepreneurship, blockchain, digital currencies, crowdfunding, economics of science and innovation.
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Action learning courses at MIT Sloan. Sloan Innovation Period (SIP) course on Crowdfunding and Blockchain Technology.
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